Hey Guys,

I am trying to make some plans and need some feedback from you today if at all possible. I need to know who all was planning on going to the USATF meet in two weeks? I have only heard from a few people that said they where going so maybe this does not affect many of you. I have a few things that will regarding that meet.

First, Angie and I will not be able to make that meet. We got confirmation last week that we are going to be taking a group of post-collegiate vaulters to Port of Spain, Trinidad that weekend.

Secondly, we have been waiting to see the schedule...and some of you said it would be tough to make on Friday due to prior commitments but I found out yesterday that the vault is actually on Thursday & Friday.

So...There are a few options for those of you wanting to compete at a qualifying meet this summer.

You can go ahead and compete at the USATF Meet or we could scratch the USATF series and do the TAAF qualifying and state meet. I will only be able to go to one or the other and I am leaning towards the TAAF Meet. Below are the TAAF dates.

Qualifying meet is in Brownwood on the 11th & 12th but they do not typically have the vault so I will need to get that organized if we want to jump there.

Games of Texas State Meet July 31st - Aug 3rd.


 I need feedback so we can make some decisions. PLEASE TEXT ME AT 325-370-4724 IF YOU PLAN TO COMPETE.


Thank You,