Whats New???

Hey Everyone, 

Frst of all, I want to congratulate everyone on a awesome school track season...I was blown away at the number of PR's and top 3 finishes that where achieved this season! Secondly, Summer is here and we have some changes and info that you need to be aware of. PLEASE make sure to read all the info below...

1. WEBSITE CHANGES - As you can see we have made some website changes...this new program is much easier to manage so hopefully we can do a better job keeping it updated :). The website is also adapted for mobile viewing so it should make viewing and scheduling via your mobile device easier. Take some time to go through each tab and familiarize yourself with all of the different pages. These are tabs I would like to highlight...

  • New Vaulters - This tab has everything a new vaulter will need to understand how our programs work and to join the club. If you are new then this tab may answer some of your questions or if you know of someone interested in the club then tell them to go to this tab & then give me a call. 
  • Club Members - Under this tab you will see a competition schedule and this blog. This blog is where all info will be posted and/or communicated to club members!
  • Registration - IMPORTANT: All training sessions now require scheduling your time slot. Under this tab you will find a current easy to view schedule with club practice & camps dates and times. This tab is also used for scheduling any events such as competitions and camps hosted by vault zone.

2. PRACTICE SCHEDULING -  I just talked about this under the registration tab but I thought it was important enough that it needed its own number! You MUST, MUST, MUST schedule your your practice sessions from now on. As our group grows this will drastically help us better plan and make sure we have the space & coaches that we need for each practice session. PLEASE schedule you session a MINIMUM of 24hrs in advance. I know this will take some getting used to but please get used to it quickly :) REMEMBER that all pages are setup for mobile viewing so you can schedule right from your phone!


3. TEXT ALERTS AND BLOG UPDATES -All communication will be handled by posting it to this blog and texting you a link that you can click on. The link will immediately take you to the blog post with the info that pertains to that text in mobile format for easy viewing! YOU MUST be setup with our new texting program in order to receive these text updates.  Below is info for getting setup in our text program if you have not yet done so...

Signup for Members Only Text Updates! We promise never to bother you spam or any unwanted information. This is our way of communicating with the club vaulters and parents. It is very simple but important that you do it and that you sign up for the correct group because this is the primary means of communications with club vaulters and parents. See info below for each group.


  PARENTS:   TEXT   VZ CP   TO 25827

*To stop receiving text - Reply to any vault zone text with the word  STOP. 


4. SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULE - Our summer practice schedule begins Monday June 2nd. Click on the link below to view the practice schedule and remember to go to the registration tab to schedule your training sessions.    http://www.thevaultzone.com/current-schedule/


5. Strength & Conditioning - As you know we focus mainly on the technical aspects of the vault. We teach you how to sprint properly and at certain times of the year we even teach you proper lifting technique.  We can provide you strength and conditions programs to do on your own but it is simply not feasible to offer a full fledged strength and conditioning program. HOWEVER, I want to stress how important this is. The stronger and faster you are the higher you will jump...it is a simple fact which should not be neglected. So, I encourage you to get involved in a strength and conditioning program that works with and supplements our vault training! If you live close enough I think our ACTION ZONE VARSITY PROGRAM would be a phenomenal program to get involved with! Not only will you get great coaching but your program will be designed with your pole vaulting goals in mind! If you plan to begin a strength training program you need to do so ASAP because you will have an initial week of soreness that you will want to get out of the way before your first competition. For more info regarding the ACTION ZONE VARSITY PROGRAMS then get with me Monday at practice or shoot me a text/call anytime. 


6. SUMMER COMPETITION SCHEDULE - For those of you who are going to the Summer Fun Water Park Vault and have not yet registered then you need to do so. If you do not have the link I have posted it below...


Also, we should be receiving info on the USATF Association meet this week and I will pass it on to you. 

Once Again, congratulations to everyone on a successful school season and we will see you this week!

Cory & Angie