T-Shirts / Uniforms & Other Apparel

Hey Guy's, 

You've been asking for the last year and it is finally here! Sorry it has taken so long for us to get on this page but atleast we are here now!  We are ordering apparrel for both the vaulters and parents. ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW THOUGH....

1. Everyone needs to order NOW, whether you are currently vaulting or not you need to order now.    We are not able to order one's and two's so all orders for this upcoming year need to be placed now! If you want an extra then order it now...and check with parents, siblings, grandparents etc to make sure you get enough for everyone!!!

2. Vaulters are responsible for paying for their own uniforms. In the future we would like to be able to provide uniforms to all vaulters through our booster club but we are just not there yet. However, we were able to get a good team discount that applies to all orders not just for the vaulters (ie. it also applies to all apparel that parents, grandparents etc. order)

Below is a list of items that we will be ordering. You do not have to order everything but we just wanted to give people an option for a full outfit for all weather conditions. These are all adult sizes but they do go down to an XS.  

 -Uniform Singlet and shorts/tights


-Short Sleve Dri Fit

-Long Sleeve Dri-Fit


-Sweat pants (these will match the sweatshirts) 



ORDERS ARE DUE BY DEC. 1st -MONEY IS DUE BY DEC. 20TH (if you need help with this then let us know by texting us personally)

Below are some sample pictures of the different Items. The apparel will be grey, black or white.   


Girls Singlet



Boys Singlet & Shorts


Girls Tights


Boys/Mens Short & Long Sleeve Dri-Fit


Girls & Womens Short & Long Sleeve Dri-Fit


All - SweatShirt and Sweat Pants



Hey Everyone, you may or may not know that we have a Vault Zone Booster Club, but we DO! Over the next 30 days we will be fundraising for the upcoming season and are asking that EVERYONE (active and non-active members) play a small part in that process. We like to use our Competiton on the 20th of December as an event to fundraise around.  Our non-profit booster club "The Vault Zone Booster Club" is a project of Texas Arms of Love, a Christian non-profit based out of Midland, TX. 

When you pay a club membership fee you are paying for the coaching. However, there are many other things that go into making this club what it is.  From facility fees and equipment expenses to travel expenses, scholarships and more, there are many things required to make this club the best it can possibly be. In the past we have had parents step up and help in many ways from donating equipment, supporting scholorshiped vaulters in various ways, and paying for travel expenses in order to have coaches at their meets. We want to say Thank You!  Our booster club now gives parents, friends, supporters and businesses a way to support the Vault Zone Club in a more formal way and receive tax deductions for all donations. 

So how does the fundraiser work?

We know that everyone is busy during this time of the year so our goal is to make this as simple as possible for you be a part of.

   1.  Friend and Family Letter - We are asking all active and non-active club members to provide a list of 10 people that we can send a fundraising letter to on your behalf (you can see the letter below). These can be family, friends, people from church, teachers, etc PLEASE email your 10 names to info@thevaultzone.com this week.  Our goal is that we can get a minimum of 10 people from each person to donate $25/ea. 

   2.  Share Fundraising Website Via Facebook and Email - We have a website that makes giving very easy. You can ask your facebook friends to donate and support your club by sharing our fundraising website via facebook.  You can also copy and paste the letter below and send it out via email to friends and family (we still ask that you provide the 10 names and address for the physical mailer)

   3.  Share it with any business owners / managers that you know.   -  If you own or know of a business that would like to support our club then please do one of two things;  Either print the document off below and present it to the business owner / manager or if you would rather us contact them then we are happy to do so.

 >>> Business Support Form <<<

Click on the link below to visit our Fundraising Website...

>>> www.gofundme.com/vaultzonebooster <<<


Thank You in advance for your help in this fundraiser! 


The Vault Zone Booster Club


*Below is a sample of the letter that will be mailed out on your behalf*

Dear friends and family,

Myself along with others in my pole vaulting club “Vault Zone” are sending this out to important people in our lives. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve included you.

I am requesting that you help sponsor my club with a donation of $25 or more, and here’s why: each member of the team is trying to raise at least $250 that will go toward helping offset the cost of travel, equipment, facilities, scholarships, etc. 

Through the years our Pole Vaulting Club has provided a platform for developing successful pole vaulters throughout West Texas and the Big Country.  There have been many success stories from championships to scholarships and with your help I look forward to being the next one. 

I am making a personal request that you consider helping our team with a tax-deductible donation of at least $25 so that we can continue this program’s great history. You can mail a gift directly to The Vault Zone Booster Club at 4818 Yellowstone Tr, Abilene, TX, 79602. 

If you want to make your gift online, you can @ http://www.gofundme.com/vaultzonebooster

The Vault Zone Booster Club is a project of Texas Arms of Love, a Christian non-profit organization based out of Midland, Tx. All donations are tax deductible. 

Everyone involved with our Vault Zone Club appreciates your support.




All communication will be handled by posting it to this blog and texting you a link that you can click on. The link will immediately take you to the blog post with the info that pertains to that text in mobile format for easy viewing! YOU MUST be setup with our new texting program in order to receive these text updates.  Below is info for getting setup in our text program if you have not yet done so...

Signup for Members Only Text Updates! We promise never to bother you spam or any unwanted information. This is our way of communicating with the club vaulters and parents. It is very simple but important that you do it and that you sign up for the correct group because this is the primary means of communications with club vaulters and parents. See info below for each group.


  PARENTS:   TEXT   VZ CP   TO 25827

*To stop receiving text - Reply to any vault zone text with the word  STOP. 


Competition Update

The Vault Zone Night Vault has been cancelled. We only got response from two people who would be able to make it. This is a busy time of the year and most people had vacations, or other prior arrangements. So, instead of having the night vault competition we will use our last two Wednesday practices this summer as competition days and give all vaulters a chance to jump at bars and have some fun!!! 

We appreciate all the hard work you have put in and hope you are having an awesome summer!


-Vault Zone Staff


The remainder of the the summer...feedback needed

Hey Everyone, 

I hope you having a great summer, I just wanted to touch base with you regarding a few issues.

1. All practice sessions are updated in our booking system though the end of July. PLEASE book you training sessions so that we know who to expect. 

2.  Summer Night - Our summer night vault was originally intended as a time for all club vaulters to get together and vault at a bar together (basically a glorified practice for our club vaulters). I have had a lot of people tell me they where not going to be able to make it so I need to find out who IS PLANNING on coming. If not many will be able to make it then we may just jump at bars during our normal practice sessions during the last week of practice. PLEASE TEXT ME ASAP AT 325-370-4724 if you plan on attending. 

3. For those of you who are new to the club this year you may be wondering what the fall training / schedule looks like...I will be sending out info this week on our fall training goals & schedule.